• Illnesses & Health Concerns


    Healthy children learn better! Our students are encouraged to come to school every day. However, we know that sometimes illnesses happen. If your child develops an illness, please call and notify the school health office. If you have a question regarding your student's health or safety, a health aide or district nurse is available to answer questions and provide assistance. 


    When To Miss School Due To Illness:

    When To Miss School


    Head Lice:

    Lice Board Policy



    Chronic Health Conditions

    Some students with health conditions may be asked to fill out a questionnaire to provide the school with additional information about their child's condition. This is information is helpful for training staff and preparing to keep your student safe while they are at school:


    Asthma Questionnaire


    Allergy Questionnaire


    Heart History Questionnaire


    Seizure Activity Questionnaire


    Type 1 Diabetes Information



    Type 2 Diabetes Information