Our Staff Commitment to Positive Behavior Support (PBS)

  • All staff members are responsible for creating a safe and welcoming environment at Palms Elementary School. We understand we set the tone through our actions attitudes. Therefore, we will demonstrate our continuous support and encouragement of all students in the following ways.


    • We commit to establish a safe and welcoming culture.
    • We will teach, role play and model safe, respectful and responsible behavior in all settings.
    • We will acknowledge students who are meeting school-wide expectations.
    • We will treat minor offenses as the opportunity to teach appropriate behaviors.
    • We will work together as a staff to resolve chronic and/or severe behavior problems.

PBS Expectations

  • Palms Elementary School has Universal Expectations and Expectations by location. Also, students are provided with social skill instruction to equip them with real-world survival skills. Palms is a place for POSITIVE ACTION STUDENTS.

Celebrating Students

  • Friday at the Flag is a time when the school community comes together to celebrate positive students, enjoy performances by the PBS Cheer Team and get updates about school events. Congratulations to our Coyote Card , School Colors, and Reading raffle winners!

Celebrating Employees

  • Palms Elementary School is committed to excellence and is proud of all its employees’ contributions.  Certainly, it takes a team to create a positive educational environment for our students. To that point, each month Palms Elementary School recognizes exceptional employees to say thank you for their role in making the organization successful. These employees have been nominated by colleagues for their efforts and named PBS Employee of the Month.