• Carol Jimenez

    Carol Jimenez

    Director of Child Development Programs



  • Welcome to Rob Reiner Children and Families Development Center!


    We are pleased to announce the expansion award of a grant funded by the California Department of Education State Preschool Program. Children who have turned three or four by December 1, 2019 could be considered for this program.  This program is offered to families who fall within certain income guidelines.


    We have a morning session at Good Hope Elementary School.  Please call (951) 657-1441 for more information.


    Parents have opportunities to attend workshops such as brain development in children,  setting boundaries with children and safety issues.  If you have a topic you would like presented, please visit our Community Outreach Workers in rooms 206 & 207!  Please follow our Instagram account at RobReinerCenter where you can see your children's activities.


    Children attend five days per week for three hours per day.  Our goal is to reduce barriers for children to become ready for kindergarten.  Our curriculum focuses on language development, emotional, social and physical growth.  When you visit our classrooms, you will see children involved in centers such as science, dramatic play, music, art, large or small motor development, or involvement with books or language activities.  Our children are also introduced to Alpha Friends, which helps them to identify letters and their sounds.


    We have a  home visitation program to provide individual help to children age 0-5 who are experiencing difficulties with growth in physical, emotional, social or academic areas.  We have a speech and language therapist who provides assessment and testing following interventions for speech delays.


    We also are the host site for the Community Based English Tutorial classes (ESL for adults) that is held twice weekly.  You can visit room 100 D to obtain information regarding sessions for these classes.


    Riverside County Office of Education has an Audiological/Deaf and Hard of Hearing Itinerant Program on site, with expert audiologists that screen children, and a model Autistic Preschool class.  Riverside County also has a Children’s Mental Health Program for children that are having difficulties in behavior management or emotional issues.



    Carol Jimenez, Director

    Rob Reiner Children & Families Development Center